Who We Serve

Overcome mental health, substance use, and trauma challenges

Forge Health serves people from all walks of life who need affordable, accessible, and effective care for mental health, substance and trauma. We’re here to help you through paths difficult and unfamiliar.

Leading the way to improved health

While more than 65 million American adults live with at least one mental health condition and more than 25 million live with a substance use disorder, 60% to 90% go untreated. Research has shown that improving behavioral health helps improve overall health. A third-party study conducted by a major national health insurance company demonstrated that Forge Health is leading the way and that clients who participated in treatment with us achieved the following:


reduction in emergency department utilization


reduction in medical hospital admissions


reduction in all-cause hospital admissions


increase in primary care visits

We address the full range of mental health and substance use issues

Mental health

We treat conditions from anxiety to depression to post-traumatic stress using therapy and counseling, intensive outpatient programming, and medication management when appropriate.

Substance use

We address reliance on drugs and alcohol using therapy and counseling, intensive outpatient programming (IOP), and medication-assisted treatment (MAT), when appropriate.


Trauma is often at the root of mental health issues and substance use, and we work to uncover and address not just symptoms, but underlying causes.

Co-Occurring Conditions

Mental health conditions, addiction, and trauma are frequently intertwined and related, and our interdisciplinary approach allows us to treat all of them together

All Clients

Our approach has been proven to work

We apply our deep experience to helping people improve their mental health, reduce their reliance on drugs and alcohol, and address underlying trauma. Our clinicians work with clients to set clear goals and help them achieve them.


We know the weight that comes with service

Our team includes veterans and first responders who live and work in your community, and we understand the unique culture, values, and needs of those who serve, who have served, and their families.


Affirmative treatment for every identity and orientation

At Forge, we understand how the LGBTQ+ life experience can impact substance use and mental health, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of affirmative care.

Take the first step with us

All it takes is one call. Speak with a member of our highly trained and experienced staff, and we’ll help you forge your path forward.