Providers and Referrers

We’re here for your patients

At Forge, we work closely, collaboratively, and transparently with our provider and referral partners, with an integrated approach that addresses cooccurring conditions and coordinates medical care and social services.


A proven evidence-based model to achieve meaningful results

High-quality, evidence-based care designed for your patients’ needs

Intake initiated within as little as one business day of referral

Regular updates on your clients provided when we have consent

Delivering life-changing, proven results

A major third-party study conducted by a large national health insurance company found clients who participated in Forge Health treatment had significant overall health benefits even a full year later.


Reduction in emergency room utilization


Reduction in all-cause hospital admissions


Reduction in medical hospital admissions


Increase in primary care visits

Designed for your patients’ needs

Experienced and committed team

Forge Health clients benefit from a multidisciplinary care team of highly trained and experienced therapists and psychiatric providers who evaluate, diagnose, and build a holistic care plan personalized to each client’s needs. We empower our clients to achieve what’s required for sustained health.

Tested and effective treatments

We use evidence-based techniques as a path to go even deeper—to the root causes preventing clients from reaching their goals.

An evidence-based model

Our clinical model is based on nearly a century of combined medical and clinical leadership experience.


Answers to common questions about Forge’s approach

Forge was founded by deeply experienced, leading experts in mental health and substance use care. We’re dedicated to challenging traditional industry thinking to better serve individuals and communities suffering from addiction and mental health issues. The Forge care model has been tested and proven to work, and we can assure you our multidisciplinary care teams of highly trained staff will provide the highest-quality, evidence-based, affordable, and compassionate care that reflects your individual needs, preferences, and values.

The Forge Care Model is an evidence-based, goal-oriented, multi-disciplinary approach that provides effective, integrated treatment for mental health, substance use, and associated trauma.  Components of care can include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Prolonged Exposure (PE) therapy, as well as the development of coping skills, and the exploration of trauma themes, negative cognition, and related memories. 

Overall, 97% of Forge Health clients report they would recommend our program to people they care about; 100% report they feel safe with us, at our facility, and in our care; 98% of our clients report feeling they receive support from the program when they need it; and 97% report working on the issues they identified as important.

Work with a trusted partner

Call to speak with a member of our highly trained staff, and we’ll partner with you to create a plan that works for your patients.