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We offer three categories of treatment, and we know from our collective work with thousands of clients that one of them will be right for you. In addition – no matter which you enter into – you might be a candidate for Medication Assisted Treatment.

We’ve seen medication – with the right treatment approach – have remarkable effects.


Every patient is different, but not that different

Three categories of treatment we specialize in and designed Forge around

Therapy & Counseling

Self-care isn’t doing yourself any good.

This program is designed for those who are on the edge of entering into the world of bigger problems. You could be in recovery, or you could be experiencing tough times and are struggling to manage on your own.
Please don’t.

When substance abuse – drugs, alcohol, anything – cross a certain line, that’s a red light. You can feel it, and we know what it takes to get things on track to make life more manageable, and turn goals into realistic moments in your future.

We’ll create a tailored experience to get you there, with just the right support. Let us quickly connect you to a skilled and sensitive therapist – who will be just hard-assed enough to get the job done.

Appointments are available online or in-person, and we are always in-network. Stay home. But don’t stay stuck.

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Outpatient Programming

A bespoke experience with just enough push to keep you on track.

People come to our Outpatient Programming from a number of places.

Some are stepping down from our more intensive programming. Others come from outside Forge, are still in recovery, but recognize they need more structure and more support to move forward within a more structured and supportive framework.

Either way, we have hundreds of successful case histories where our Outpatient Programming has been a coping superhero, making life’s challenges more manageable and building confidence in your recovery skills. We combine the right balance of group therapy, individual sessions, and support groups to transform your life.

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Intensive Outpatient Programming

Addiction and mental health treatment is harder than it should be.

The science of getting you better is not a secret. There’s lots of fancy research that’s been written about addiction and treatment. We’ve read it all. Some we’ve written. So why is it addiction treatment is tragically failing most people? There are three requirements which few programs meet:

  • The right people
  • The right science-based approaches
  • The right level of honesty

At Forge we have all three. We’re different. Here to make a real difference.

The last one, though – that honesty thing – is not just up to us.

We can only work together if you are willing to join us on the path of reimagining what is possible. That means you’ve got to show up and participate in group treatment at a minimum three times a week.

Participate means just that. Bring your full self. You can’t just occasionally grunt and make it obvious you’d rather be somewhere else. If that’s the case, this won’t work for either of us.

We cover various topics throughout our time together, topics that will build you up, challenge you, make you feel things you’ve been ignoring. Above all else, it will change you and provide you with the life you’ve always dreamed of. (Or sadly, maybe stopped dreaming of.)

Some of it is rough, but you’ll build new relationships and new strengths.

We’re not for everyone, but we’re willing to be.

So what say you? Let’s Forge our new path, together!

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Medication Assisted Treatment

Recognized to work when done right.

Not everyone needs medication, but research shows that drugs like Suboxone, Naltrexone, and/or Vivitrol – combined with therapy – can be a highly effective practice for recovery. Ignoring them out of stubbornness or outdated beliefs is a kind of malpractice.

Forge employs physicians that are experts at connecting with their clients, creating holistic, client-centered approaches to recovery which is essential to understanding what prescription medication can help the most Combine MAT with any of our therapeutic programs to learn and build new skills.

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