Dr. Eurica Pintheive

As the Executive Clinical Director at our Forge Health Mahwah, NJ location, I’m committed to bringing my experience managing and operating intensive outpatient treatment programs and working in the criminal justice system to our clients.

I have a doctoral degree in counselor education and supervision and throughout both my academic and professional career, I’ve recognized that understanding the different aspects of a person’s individual experiences is vital to successful treatment.

While working within the correction system, I provided trauma-informed reentry services by addressing corruptive attitudes and behaviors, as well as substance abuse histories to help clients transition back into their communities – all with the goal of reducing the risks of reoffending.

I strive to create an environment where clients feel safe to talk honestly about the things that are most important to them in order to find the inner strength to cope with life’s challenges, no matter their culture, background, or worldview.

I consider the therapy process exciting, intensive, enlightening, and empowering. To me, the purpose of therapy is to assist and support clients in their journey of working through challenges by empowering them to realize who they are, understand what is happening in their lives, and utilizing all resources to enable their desired change.

Most importantly, I believe that clients are their own experts of their lived experiences and possess the inner strength, creativity, and coping mechanisms to work through any issues they may have. I view my role as the Executive Clinical Director of our Mahwah, NJ location as one that assists and supports clients tapping into those inner resources to achieve the quality of life they want.

My team and I look forward to taking this journey with you!

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