Your Wellness and Recovery Guide While In Quarantine

Isolation during the Coronavirus pandemic can be challenging, especially for people in recovery. Although I am not in recovery I have been working in the addiction and recovery field for four years now, and because of that, I know for certain that recovery is not possible alone. Have you ever wondered why group therapy across the entire continuum of addiction treatment is the core component? One of the reasons is because it teaches you how to build community and lean on a support system.

Imagine the last time you were in a group setting or on a team. Everyone in the group or on the team played a different role, including you. Support systems are critical for one’s recovery and during times of isolation you may feel that your support system is no longer around. I have news for you, they are, and they are more available to you now than ever before. I say this because as human beings we yearn for connection. You are not alone during these times, we are all in this together, it is finally something we ALL can connect on. You are not the only one seeking connection, we are all seeking connection. Your mother, your father, your neighbor, you friend, your sponsor; whomever it may be, they are home just like you, excited to hear from people they care about. Pick up the phone and check in on them, you will be surprised by how much of a positive impact you can have on someone and how much of a positive impact that person can have on you.

Prior to practicing “social distancing” and “self-quarantining” I’ve pondered the question: How do we disconnect in a connected world? Well, I think it took a global pandemic for me to realize, this is how we do it. It took a global pandemic for us, a human race, to reverse engineer technology to actually bring us closer together. My message to you is to connect with the members of your recovery group, connect with members from you support groups, connect with the positive influences in your life, they have been there for you, and I promise you, they are here for you now.

Aside from human connection, it’s also important for you to use this time to connect with yourself. Connect with yourself physically, and spiritually. I’ll outline how below:


Before we had gyms and fitness centers, how did people exercise? We used our body weight, and picked things up that were around us and moved them. Here are some great exercises you can do at home to break a sweat, and I’ve also shared some links below to some great fitness studios that live stream and post workouts on their Instagram pages:

  1. Your at home workout:
    1. 20 squat jumps
    2. 10 push ups
    3. 20 crunches
    4. 20 jumping jacks
    5. Repeat 4 -5 times
  2. Fitness Pages to Follow:
    1. WRK NYC
    2. Stephanie Sladkus
    3. Rumble Boxing
    4. Spartan Race
    5. Men’s Health
    6. Women’s Health
    7. Brian Decosta


Wellness and emotional well-being have become such buzzwords recently, but let me tell you why, because they are so important to remaining healthy, positive, and connected. During this time of quarantine I have found myself meditating daily, sometimes even twice a day. It has helped me remain calm and centered while being cooped up in my 490 square foot apartment in NYC where I live with my wife and my puppy. Again, the meditation has been great! It has kept me clear headed, connected to my mind, body, spirit, and heart. I have also been journaling, and for the first time ever, I am writing a blog post! I encourage you all to take some time to connect with yourself by practicing some meditation. Below are a few apps which I love, along with some artists I love listening to while I close my eyes and just breathe.

  1. Apps for your phone:
    1. Oprah & Deepak Meditation Experience
    2. The Calm App
  2. Artists and Guided Meditation
    1. Deuter
    2. Liquid Mind
    3. Peter Kater
    4. Donna D’Cruz

Strive Health offers a weekly virtual support group and we now offer telehealth services for anyone struggling with alcohol or drug dependence.

I am no expert when it comes to COVID-19, but what I do know is that things are going to become more challenging before they get easier. During these times, life may feel scary and you may feel like you are looking every which way for answers. May I suggest you stop looking? The answers you are looking for are within. Turn off the TV for a day and tune into the internal dialogue. What are your thoughts and feelings about what is going on, for you?

Take this opportunity to embrace our new speed as we continue to adjust to our new situations. Maybe this is a wake up call, maybe this is how we were meant to operate? Why do you think this is all happening? Take some time this week, and reflect on your why.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay grateful.