You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

posted in Our Thoughts

Last Thursday I sat in my car for hours, as a flash snowstorm somehow unravelled all of Northern New Jersey’s transportation network. As I struggled to keep my car from sliding out of control, as many people reading this did, I had a chilling thought about the moment I was in: “No one can help me.”

There have been very few instances in my life where I have had that thought.

Then I thought about something a Veteran told me years ago. He was talking about an experience in Iraq wherein his battalion encountered trouble and they were trapped. They were waiting for someone to come and rescue them. At one point he realized, “No one is coming to help us.”

This has always stuck with me. I imagine that experience and similar experiences Veterans have, lead to a mentality that can be a driving force in their lives. Being a go-getter and being self-reliant are awesome traits, but thinking that you always have to go it alone can be harmful.

At Strive/VFR Healthcare, we will always strive to help you so you don’t have to go it alone.

Jenn Stivers is the Clinical Outreach Coordinator for VFR in Paramus, New Jersey.