Watch: First Responders to the Rescue, but Who Supports Them?

Today we post the second of a series of short video clips, all of which aim to make it clear why VFR is a different kind of rehab for Veterans and first responders.  The first highlighted our experience as vets and first responders ourselves, embodied in our tagline: “We ARE You.”

The second highlights the courage, and  the treatment needs of first responders. From EMTs, to dispatchers, to fire fighters, to public safety personnel, all experience potential 24/7 emergency and risk of personal trauma. All experience 24/7 hypervigilance.  But first responder rehab is sorely underesourced.  And accepting first responder rehab can be rough for a proud group.

Offering confidential, peer-to-peer support, Veteran & First Responder Healthcare…gets it. Check our Get Help page to check for VFR first responder rehab nearby.

At VFR, the people who guide and work with you are your peers, or trained by your peers, a skill which in the field is called cultural competency. We know the kind of courage it takes take on a rescue misson. It also takes courage to ask for help.

If you think this message is as important as we do, please share it with friends and colleagues and especially any Veteran or first responder you know that is thinking of asking for help.