‘We understand veterans’ issues, because, like you, we have been there.’

The following message was written on Memorial Day, 2018, by Dr. Robert Pyles, Chief Medical Officer of Strive Health and of Veteran & First Responders Healthcare (VFR) .An established leader in the addiction and mental health fields, Dr. Pyles has served as President of the American Psychoanalytic Association, the Massachusetts Psychiatric Society, and the Coalition for Patient Rights…and in Vietnam at the height of the Vietnam War.  Please see his biography on this site here, and on the new VFR website.

To my fellow veterans on this Memorial Day. As a psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer, it gives me great pleasure to direct you to our newest facility for bringing the best possible health care to our veterans and first responders. Please visit our new VFR web site at http://www.vfrhealthcare.com/index.htm.

Veteran & First Responders Healthcare (VFR)  is owned and operated by veterans. We are a series of outpatient clinics that offer comprehensive services for the particular health issues of veterans and first responders, like addictions and PTSD, depression, and anxiety. We understand veterans’ issues, because, like you, we have been there. Please don’t hesitate to come in for an evaluation. The sooner these issues are treated, the sooner they can begin to resolve.

Robert L. Pyles, MD (formerly LCDR, USNR)