Honor, Courage, Sacrifice, Health: A Memorial Day Message from Veteran & First Responder Healthcare

This letter was written by Eric Golnick, Cheif Executive Officer of Veteran & First Responder Healthcare (VFR), on the occasion of Memorial Day, 2018.  VFR is a sister company of Strive Health and shares facilities with Strive at all locations.  For detailed and important picture of VFR, we urge urge readers to visit its new website, released last week, on May 22. 

As we go into this Memorial Day weekend, we honor all those who have given their lives serving our country. As a company owned and operated by Veterans, for Veterans, we feel a deep connection to our brothers and sisters who never returned.
Memorial Day has a special meaning to service members, Veterans, and their families. While Veterans Day honors those who served, on Memorial Day, we honor those brothers and sisters we’ve lost. We think about the Gold Star families and the ultimate sacrifice that they and their loved ones made. We remember all service members on this day and understand the effects of loss are devastating.
Some Veterans are understandably upset when civilians wish us a “Happy Memorial Day.” This is not a happy time for many of us as we somberly remember and honor those we lost. Although Memorial Day is a day of mourning, we must remember that our fallen brothers and sisters made this sacrifice so that we can live in freedom and pursue happiness.
VFR Healthcare is dedicated to helping those of us still here who are dealing with that loss, and to move forward and continue to honor the ones left behind and those who loved them.
“Of what value is your life, unless you are willing to sacrifice it for those you love?”
Wayne Gerard Trotman
 Eric Golnick,  Chief Executive Officer, Veteran & First Responder Healthcare
About Veteran and First Responder Healthcare
Veteran and First Responder Healthcare (VFR), is a Veteran-owned and -operated organization founded to provide trauma-informed treatment programs and services for service members, Veterans, first responders and their families suffering from substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health issues (such as anxiety and depression). We understand the unique and specific needs of veterans and first responders because we are Veterans and first responders ourselves.