Celebrate the Service of Military Veterans in the Best Way

Strive Health is proud to serve the organization Veteran & First Responder Healthcare (VFR), a company dedicated to the treatment of substance use and behavioral health issues among military veterans. Strive Centers often co-locate VFR services for veterans and first responders. The Chief Executive Officer of VFR, Eric Golnick, published this open letter today, Veteran’s Day, 2017. We urge our followers to read it and support VFR in its critical work.

Dear Friends,

Veterans Day has a special meaning and urgency for me.

Prior to founding and leading Veteran & First Responder Healthcare (VFR), I had the privilege of serving in the military with some of the best men and women our country has to offer. Now as CEO of VFR Healthcare, I and our veteran-owned organization have the privilege of caring for and supporting active service members, veterans and their families.

As a veteran-owned and operated organization, VFR takes pride in our own past as service members and celebrates with gratitude the service of active service members and all those who served before them. We believe the best way to show this gratitude is to do everything we can to care for the physical and mental health needs of service members and their families.

The Veterans Health Administration has taken on the huge task of caring for and saving countless lives. Our organization is dedicated to strengthening that effort, especially in increasing the access to substance use and behavioral health care for active service members, veterans and their families.

Together with the Strive Health Network, we have opened two facilities to help and support the many veterans, service members, and their families overcome substance use and mental health issues.

Why? These are the facts:

  • 2.2 million U.S. veterans served in Afghanistan or Iraq.
  • 11-20% of veteran’s struggle with Post Traumatic Stress and Substance Use Disorder.
  • One-third of homeless people in the U.S. have military service.
  • There is a 20% suicide rate among veterans.
  • A large proportion of first responders have served in the military.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress rates among first responders are greater than 20%.
  • There were 132 first-responder suicides nationwide in 2016.

Yes, there are “…countless parades, events, speeches and even store discounts for those who have served their country,” as one national magazine described the show of support for our veterans each Veterans Day. While support like this is vital, we believe the best way to show gratitude and support is to provide for the physical and mental health needs of returning service members and their families.

VFR works with the Strive Health Network to do just that. Our first facility in Greensburg, PA serves the local community, including veterans. Next Thursday, November 16, we officially open our second facility in Manchester, NH, also dedicated to helping everyone in the community, but with a special focus on service members, veterans, and their families.

We welcome our veterans and veteran families to join us in these locations to seek the support so deeply deserved. Please contact us for more information about what we are doing to fight the substance use and mental health crisis.

It is my honor to lead this organization.

Eric Golnick
Chief Executive Officer, Veteran & First Responder Healthcare

About Veteran and First Responder Healthcare
Veteran & First Responder Healthcare (VFR), is a veteran-owned and operated organization founded to provide trauma-informed treatment programs and services for service-members, veterans, first responders and their families suffering from substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health issues. We understand the unique and specific needs of veterans and first responders because we are veterans and first responders.

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