Strive and VFR Join New Jersey’s VETS CHAT & CHEW in ‘Eat Well, Be Well’ Event, Coming in February

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Both Strive and sister company VFR are dedicated to “Recovery and Community Health.” Starting on February 25, the Community Health part gets, well, delicious. At that time, Strive and VFR clinicians will be proud to contribute to the VETS CHAT & CHEW event in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

VETS CHAT & CHEW is a program designed for Veterans, active military and spouses to come together and learn about food, how it can make you feel, cook it, share the meal together and make some new friends at the same time.

Vets Chat & Chew Event Chefs. VFR and Strive will participate in a delicious way toward vets rehab.

VFR and Strive will provide clinical representatives at the series of events, which continue each Monday for six weeks. (Full disclosure: we have had lots of staff volunteers wanting to attend the event… But that couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the food!).

VETS CHAT & CHEW, as the program describes itself, “consists of 6 weekly 2 hour sessions. Food information will be introduced that can help you start to feel better. You will create and share a meal together and learn food lifestyle changes from the techniques of a nutrition consultant and learn how to cook the meal from a professional chef…”

As Vets Chat & Chew Executive Director Anne Burnes tells it:

“We created Vets Chat & Chew to improve the health of veterans, active military, and their families through better nutrition, networking opportunities, and community building. Study after study shows that a healthy diet is a ticket to a healthy life. These brave members of society deserve the chance to feel good.”

We couldn’t agree more. Eating healthy is a key part of recovery.