Battles Are Not Always Visible and Wounds Are Not Always Physical

On Memorial Day, we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country on battlefields around the world. We think about the loved ones and Gold Star families they left behind.

But as we commemorate those we’ve lost to combat, it’s vital that we also remember those we’ve lost at home to the war within.

For while many physically returned from conflict, mentally, some never truly came back. They struggled and battled every day, and we honor, too, those who lost that fight.

Forge Health remembers those who have fallen in service to our nation, whether on foreign soil or here at home, and we continue working to help veterans win the war within.

This Memorial Day, we hope you’ll join us in remembering those we’ve lost. And we hope that you’ll also join us in remembering that not all battles are visible, that not all wounds are physical, and that veterans not only deserve our appreciation, they also need our support.